About The Single Lovebird

The Single Lovebird is a blog about my favorite animal, parrots. In it, you’ll find information about parrot types, care, and products – along with the occasional guest post by my own Lovebirds, Mango and Kiwi. It’s intended to inform “the public” (you) on “responsible and informed parrot care,” which is code for “how not to make a fool of yourself caring for your parrot.” Well, at least it will be about that, once I figure out this whole WordPress thing and get The Single Lovebird up and running. Come back soon!

Oh, and about the name – there’s a strange myth about Lovebirds that says they’ll die of loneliness if kept singly. Well, I don’t know what the guy who came up with that was thinking, because Lovebirds can stay single perfectly alive. The name of this blog is referring to that myth, as part of not making a fool of yourself caring for parrots includes not being paranoid of getting a single Lovie because you think it’ll die of loneliness.

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