About Mango and Kiwi

Mango and Kiwi are my “Orange Faced Pied Lovebirds.” Big name, I know,  but you can just call them Lovies. They look exactly the same, except Mango has a little bald patch on his shoulder. Whether fortunately or not, Mango *appears* to be growing in new feathers there, so soon we might only be able to tell them apart by their different personalities. I adopted them from Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, a great parrot rescue I love. Check out the link! And now, about the birdies:


Mango is rather, uh, eccentric. He’s easier to get onto your hand, but more likely to fly off. He’s also terrible at flying, as his wings are clipped, so “flying off” will usual get him in some unexpected place, such as the floor. He’s easily alarmed by sudden noises, and has considerable pupil-enlarging skills when that happens. Occasionally he gets extremely excited, so much that he flaps his wings madly, chirps wildly, and finally starts biting Kiwi’s toes because she isn’t excited too.


We haven’t had Mango and Kiwi surgically identified as male/female, but we’re pretty sure Kiwi’s our sensible little girl. She takes her time stepping up, but once she’s on she won’t fly off, unless there’s suddenly a loud noise, which is a pretty rare occurrence. When she does fly, she has some skillz (despite the clipped wings), and can usually manage to land on her cage or next to Mango. She’s more easily annoyed than Mango, though she’s much less likely to be alarmed.

Yep, those are my little tweeters. But, of course, we must include a picture!

Mango and Kiwi, while they were outside enjoying the vitamin D. :)

Dontcha just love them? 🙂 That’s Mango in the front, and Kiwi hanging out behind him.

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