For Goodness’ Sake, Stop with the Myths Already {A Guest Post}

April 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi! Today’s our first guest post day, and guess who’s doing it? Here, I’ll give you a hint.

Mango and Kiwi

I’m Kiwi, and – Mango, what are you doing?

Uh . . . nothing.

Mango, seriously. You need to act professionally.

But –

Now, we’re going to be talking about some common parrot myths, and why they’re, well, myths. Mango, you can start.

Myth #1: “Parrots should be fed seeds.”

I hate to break it to those of you with seed junkie parrots, but frankly seeds are like M&Ms for us. Sure, they’re fine for a special treat, but c’mon people, are you going to feed your parrot M&Ms? For more on all that nutrition stuff, you’ll have to wait for a post in the near future. Kiwi, your turn.

Myth #2: “Parrots are easy to care for.”

We aren’t necessarily hard to care for, but certainly we’re not that easy to. You learned all about that in yesterday’s post, but here are the generals again: We’re time-consuming (and live for up to 100 years, depending on species), can scream and be extremely messy, bite, and can become “one-person” bird easily. Your turn, Mango.

Myth #3: “If your parrot misbehaves, you should get him a mate.”

Hey, I love Kiwi, but that doesn’t make me not bite Z. Seriously, I don’t even know how this myth started. You have a badly behaved parrot, so you get another one? Off you go, Kiwi.

Myth #4: “Cockatoos are always sweet and cuddly.”

Certain species of Cockatoos (such as the Umbrellas) are cuddly. Other species, like the Goffin’s, are better described as hyperactive escape artists. However, all Cockatoos, cuddly or not, do have some behavior issues. We’ll explain those later in our Cockatoo post. Mango, you’re up.

Myth #5: “Lovebirds will die of loneliness if kept alone.”

As we’ve already explained over at the About page of The Single Lovebird, this is complete –

Mango! Mind your language.

– er, this is completely incorrect. Now, maybe you should get another Lovie friend for your Lovebird if her mate just died, but I doubt she’ll die if you don’t. And many a Lovebird lives happily alone, as you can see here. Off you go, Kiwi.

Myth #6: “Sunflowers are addictive to parrots.”

Though I haven’t had them yet, numerous parrots have informed me that sunflowers do indeed taste wonderful. However, they are not necessarily addictive; they’re more like ice cream than drugs. Go on, Mango.

Myth #6: “Mature parrots are unpredictable and dangerous.”

Let’s say your lil’ baby parrot is a fluffy ball of love. And then, she grows up. So she goes through the “teenager” stage, which means that she’s more likely to be irritable. So, your teenager parrot is stalking around her cage in a hissy fit, when suddenly you poke your hand into there. This is about as dangerous as poking your hand into a 16-year-old girl’s bedroom, or poking your hand into a shark’s mouth. (No offense, 16-year-old girls.) So, naturally, she bites you. This doesn’t mean she’s unpredictable and dangerous – you just didn’t recognize the signs of a parrot “hissy fit.”

Actually, now we’re running out of myths, so it’s time to wrap up this post. If some parrot expert happens to wander over, please comment and add any myth you’d like to be mentioned. Thanks and hallelujah!

What Mango meant to say, I’m sure, was goodbye.


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