Introducing Parrots, Part I: Mr. Hyde

April 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Single Lovebird is ready for its first “serious” post, and what better way to begin than to celebrate the good parts of parrots?

Parrots are, for starters, incredibly beautiful animals – one of the first reasons why people are attracted to them. Some of the most beautiful ones are found in the bold, striking marking of the Scarlet Macaw and the Sun Conure, but the soft colors of Lutino Cockatiels and Peach Faced Lovebirds are gorgeous too. In fact, parrots appeal to people so much that advertisers sometimes put pictures of them in ads, even if the advertisement has nothing to do with parrots at all!


An Amazon at The Bird Shop*

Though some people keep parrots for appearance alone in aviaries, the more popular approach of keeping them as pets takes advantage of parrots’ wonderful, clownish personalities. Parrots kept singly will create deep bonds with their human “mate,” and will happily perch on your shoulder as you go about your day. And there will never be a dull moment in your day if you choose the adventurous parrot to be your companion – they’ll constantly surprise you with their new discoveries and antics.

Most parrots can easily be trained simple tricks through the use of clicker training (more on that later), and many can learn to say words and phrases, an ability that enthralls us. Imagine the surprise when your parrot tells you “Hi!” They’re also fairly hardy animals, and live longer lives than dogs and cats.

If a parrot joins your family, you’re opening the door to beauty, love, surprises, cheeriness, humor, intelligence, and the sheer pleasure of living with a parrot (and making your friends jealous).  Parrots are truly incredible pets.

“So,” you say, “why not get one right away?” To put it delicately, parrots have their shortcomings, too. But you’ll have to wait until Introducing Parrots, Part II before we get started on that story.

*Visit The Bird Shop!


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